Vote! Vote! Vote!

HOA Vote — Targeting December 8: Be watching for an email from HOA@JacksonRanch.land around December 8 with a link to a SurveyMonkey voting ballot for the following proposals:

Vote – HOA Trash Services

We have received a proposal from Infinite Disposal (https://www.infinitedisposal.com/) for  trash and recycle pickup for all JR residences.  The quote is $17.90 per residence per month for trash and recycling pickup (or $53.70 per quarter). The HOA will pay them for their services and collect the fees as an add-on to the annual HOA Fees.

The advantages are:

  • CONSIDERABLE COST REDUCTION for all residences by leveraging our group buying power with one trash/recycling service provider
  • HOA WRITES THE CHECK so you don’t have to worry about it
  • Infinite is a LOCAL COMPANY with a GREAT REPUTATION for consistent trash pickup
  • Helps MAINTAIN THE BEAUTY OF OUR AREA by reducing the number of trash cans being left out over several days of the week
  • It reduces NOISE and INCREASES SAFETY without having large trash trucks driving in/out with 3-4 providers several days a week


Notes regarding the Service with Infinite:

  • If the majority voting in the HOA vote yes, we will start with tentative target of January 2022
  • The HOA will include both trash and recycle pickup in the annual trash service charge — Bundling makes it easier to manage billing.
  • Infinite provides 96-Gallon cans and will take an additional 3-5 large trash bags per pickup
  • Those who do not have a JR residence (only land) in the development will not be charged this fee
  • Those who will be moving to a residence in 2022, we will pro-rate based on the estimated move-in date
  • Additional add-ons like needing trash picked-up beyond the bags limit or asking them for their Residential Roll-out service (they come and get your cans), these will be a separate bill from Infinite mailed to each resident who chooses to use these services

Vote for Covenant Amendments

VOTE COVENANT CHANGES – the proposed covenant changes have been mailed to each JR resident as discussed at September HOA meeting. These changes involve language updates and increased flexibility for homeowners in some specific covenant areas. If you did not receive this material please email the HOA at HOA@JacksonRanch.land


Other News (not related to voting):

2022 HOA FEES: The last HOA fee increase was 2015 — The annual HOA fees for 2022 will be *$500 per residence and our goal will be to hold this steady for the next 2-4 years.  Bills for HOA will be mailed to each landowner in January. Budget items looking to the 2022 include:

  • Building up a fund to cover future road repairs (any minor road repair will be ours to deal with given our roads are so new)
  • Additional trees and landscape features around the new signage; potential new lighting for older sign off Roller Coaster.
  • Landscape care and watering costs
  • Electric bill increases once all meters are installed
  • Ensure we have reserve funds for future projects (trails? Landscaping? Etc.)
  • Extra funds for heavy snow seasons – we pay by the hour above our blanket snow removal contract during heavy snowfall seasons

*Note: this HOA fee does not include the additional cost of the Infinite Trash services should that be affirmed.

If you would like to review the proposed budget for 2022 email HOA@JacksonRanch.land.