As an HOA board we really enjoy our neighbors and neighborhood, and as volunteers, we appreciate the trust all homeowners place in us to diligently enforce our covenants. With that said, we really do not want to be “that kind of HOA board” which incessantly focuses on the unimportant minutia — we really want to maximize our time with our families and our own interests.

So in the spirit of “majoring on the majors” and not on the minor stuff the following are the BIG FOUR of covenant issues that stand out to a majority of home owners and visitors, and negatively impact the appearance and presentation of our neighborhood when covenants are not followed. 

Finally, as a reminder, all home owners signed and agreed to these covenants during the property closing process. 

Think of the BIG FOUR as B.O.S.S.

Bins left out for several days – Overgrown grass & weeds – Sports Vehicles, RV, Trailers & Equipment –  Structures without Board review/approval


Trash Bins/Bags should only be along the roadway for trash pickup days. Please strive to keep them internally stored on all other days.

The goal of having one trash pickup day for JR was to minimize the unsightly view of trash bins by the road throughout the week.

See Covenant Section 3.05 for restriction specifics



Tall, un-mowed grass and weeds are a safety and fire hazard — we recommend, at a minimum, to mow once in June-July, and again in August-Sept. More often as seasonal growth drives the need.

This includes easement drainage areas as well as your primary property.

See Covenant Sections 3.08 and 3.09 for more requirements details



RV Trailers, Trailers for hauling, Recreational vehicles, Boats, motorcycles, etc. should be stored off-site or in a permanent, approved building on your property.

The HOA Board will consider and can approve a short-term variance for reasonable temporary circumstances (a few weeks not months). 

See Covenants Section 3.12 for more details about this restriction 



Major structural changes or additional structures which effect house or property appearance – these require detailed plans be reviewed and approved by JR HOA Board

Examples include fences (such as privacy), major landscaping changes, driveway monuments, green houses, storage sheds, solar panels, etc. 

See Covenant Sections 1.01 and 1.02, Section 2, Section 4, Section 5 Approving Authority, and Section 8.03 to name a few. 

The emphasis on these BIG FOUR does not mean we completely ignore the other covenants.  But some things are more impactful, much more noticeable, and some things lead to higher risks (i.e. fire dangers) — so we focus on the BIG things and not all the little things — we need to be fair and reasonable rather than nitpicky and high-handed.


Talk to Us

Please email us with any questions at and we will be more than willing to address your questions.  You are always welcome to join one of our quarterly HOA board meetings as well.

Read Our Covenants

It’s important, before you make assumptions about major activities or projects, to read the covenants and understand the guidelines and restrictions for our development (all of which every owner signed when they joined Jackson Ranch).

Be Neighborly

If you have a concern we always encourage people to go talk to your neighbor first – friendly communication can go a long way! If things are not resolved, we are here to provide all parties a fair hearing and work together to get an HOA Covenant oriented issue resolved.